Bergamot against high cholesterol.

Bergamot against high cholesterol.
Bergamot juice is a natural remedy that has also become the subject of study and research by several medical science organizations in the world. Also dr. Roberto Colombo, organizational coordinator of Humanitas Laboratories, makes use of some national and international studies that have revealed the effectiveness of bergamot, a citrus fruit produced in Locride, an area on the Ionian side of Calabria, against bad cholesterol.
Bergamot is a fruit, entirely Italian, from Calabria, whose peel is used as a chemical base for the production of perfumes, and whose pulp would have important properties, it would in fact be able to lower the levels of LDL in the blood, the so-called bad cholesterol responsible for atherosclerosis, and raise those of HDL, the good cholesterol.

Therefore, scholars suggest drinking half-squeezed bergamot juice every day, also in combination with other drinks, i.e. 50 ml. Bergamot is a fruit very rich in properties; antioxidants, specifically polyphenols that bring benefits to the tissues and circulatory system and vitamins. Not only that, thanks to the multiple active ingredients contained inside, Bergamot has renowned anti-stress and energizing properties and is an effective natural remedy against hair loss and against dandruff; has anti-inflammatory action; helps fight depression. Bergamot essence has antiseptic, antibacterial, antimicrobial and antifungal properties. Rich in bioflavonoids, the essence extracted from Bergamot acts against free radicals and purifies oily skin and acne thanks to its powerful astringent and healing function.

News: Bergamot juice has the power to control cholesterol.

Bergamot juice has the power to control cholesterol. Recent studies have in fact discovered the presence, inside, of substances with the ability to inhibit, on the one hand, the production of bad cholesterol in the blood and, on the other, to decrease blood glucose levels, thus improving the insulin activity.

Bergamot juice

Due to the high concentration of citric acid, daily intake of Bergamot is not recommended without having first sought the advice of your doctor, especially if you suffer from important diseases such as diabetes or if you use drugs daily.

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