Bergastatina is a dry extracts of bergamot


100 gr of bergamot granules.

Bergamot extracts – citrus bergamia / Bergastatina – are effective against:
high cholesterol, glycemia, liver disease and infection, cancer, obesity

Bergastatina, all the nutraceutical quality of bergamot.

A tea spoon in 70ml, effective even if added to your favorite drink.

Bergastatina has a strong presence of naringenin, a flavonoid which, as confirmed by the latest medical studies carried out, inhibits the coronavirus.


Bergastatina is a dry extracts of bergamot (Citrus bergamia).

A bottle of bergamot granules. Bergamot and its extract have great phytotherapeutic qualities. The bergamot of Calabria has repeatedly revealed its antioxidant action and its efficacy in the prevention and treatment of some cardiovascular diseases including hypercholesterolemia.
in addition, recent studies dedicated to bergamot have highlighted its action for the prevention of fat accumulation in the liver; prevention of the development of the inflammatory state that leads to liver fibrosis, cirrhosis and, finally, liver cancer

Bergastatin dry extract of bergamot, also excellent for infusions, all the healthy goodness of bergamot with citrus juice and albedo. A teaspoon boiling in the infuser.

Easy to use, it can be mixed with the herbs and essences you like most.

100 gr bottle – Just a teaspoon of product infused in 70 ml of water to obtain a classic healthy dose. effective even if added to your favorite drink.

Bergamot is universally recognized as a remedy for high cholesterol and blood sugar. The unique flavonoids of the typical citrus from Calabria in Italy also act against liver cancer and all related diseases.

“Effects of 12-week supplementation of Bergamot – Citrus bergamia extracts on cholesterol and body weight in older adults with dyslipidemia: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial”

Recent experiments suggest that Citrus bergamia extracts could benefit people with dyslipidemia and obesity.

Bergastatina has a high content of natural statins which have the same capacity as chemical ones without contraindications.