Extravirgin olive oil

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3lt extravirgin olive oil

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The selective collection of the olive and the ‘’cold extraction’’ technique used with traditional mechanical means keeps and maintains the natural substances of the olive, ensuring the excellent quality of our olive oil. The extravirgin olive oil is delicious, with high nutritional value and improves the health condition of the human body. The distinctive flavour, aroma and rich composition of the oil, is indeed very special and unique.


Extravirgin olive oil made in Italy

To give your dishes that extra touch, choose the extra virgin olive oil. Refined and delicate, it is made starting from the cold pressing of the olives.

The wonderful scent of Magna Graecia

Golden yellow with green highlights, it has a herbaceous aroma of artichoke and fruity of fresh olive.

This product is ideal, both raw and cooked, paired with meat and fish, as well as vegetables. Fanne escort with this convenient 3-liter format!

Squeezing and processing are carried out cold, to guarantee the best organoleptic, nutritive and conservation properties. The oil mill and the olive groves are located in the locride, where the cultivation of the olive tree is a tradition that dates back to the time of the Greeks. The typical and narrow bands, the mild climate guarantee the best quality and the sweet taste that characterize our oil, known and appreciated all over the world.