Bergastatina, uses and advice

Bergastatina, uses and advice
supplements, nutraceuticals

Bergamot extracts – citrus bergamia / Bergastatina – are effective against:
high cholesterol, glycemia, liver disease and infection, cancer, obesity

Bergastatina, all the nutraceutical quality of bergamot.

Bergastatina, uses and tips for correct use.

A product with extraordinary expectations, made with the “AICAL Method” and quantified by the Mediterranean University of Reggio Calabria.

Bergastatina, uses and advice


The product is recommended for use in infusion, already with this procedure it is applied in the use of the famous earl gray. With the infusion, the active ingredients and all the aroma of the bergamot are extracted. Immerse the Bergastatina (the recommended immersion is in cold or hot water, but also in milk) for a shorter or longer time, as desired.

It consists of placing a coffee spoon under the tongue and waiting for it to dissolve after a short time: it is a very rapid form of intake and therefore much more powerful.