From Stilo to Pentidattilo.

The locride area is route winds through various importante arcaeological sites interpersed whit extraordinay beachs an beatiful seside tows.
After having explored the ancient of Stilo, Monasterace, Locri, and the Costa dei gelsomini (the “jasmine coast”), we head to the town of Bova to visit the so-called hellenistic area (Grecanica).
We begin from Punta stilo, which mark the southrnmost limit of the gulf of Squillace, where visitors can admire a nearby lighthouse atop an octagonal tower.
This is the area wuere Kaulonia once stood, the magna graecia city first discovered by Paolo Orsi in the year 1891. The first finds where unearthed during the construction of the lighthouse.

The path of the locride winds up to the Grecian herea in the extreme south of the Italian peninsula. Together with Bova, Condofuri, Pentidattilo, GallicianĂ², they are places with Hellenistic traditions, the whole area of the locride is characterized by the splendid bergamot plantations.