Calabrian Bergamot Jam


6 glass jars of 200 grams, calabrian traditional cut marmelade.

Calabrian Bergamot Jam. It’s a precious and unique marmalade for breakfast which pairs naturally with a cup of Earl Grey and a few slices of toasted bread. Do not forget the butter, which mellows the intense bergamot flavour.

One of our Nutrisana branded products.


Calabrian bergamot jam marmalade “Suprema” by Nutrisana

6 Bergamot jam  200 grams – Made in Italy – Calabria.

Nutrisana Bergamot jam is a bergamot jam and a popular breakfast conserve.

Spread it on a hot slice of toast and eat with a refreshing cup of English breakfast tea.

It’s also a fantastic addition to bakes and will give your cakes a citrus twist.

Bergamots are defined as green gold, the most valuable citrus in the world.

Most popular with customers in Italy, France, United States of America (USA), Germany, England, Greece, Romania, Spain and UK – England, but you can buy Nutrisana bergamot Marmalade for delivery worldwide.

One of our Nutrisana branded products. Calabrian bergamot jam marmalade “Suprema” by Nutrisana

Bergamot 63%, Sugar 37%