Greco di Bianco wine


2 bottles of 500 ml of Greco di Bianco wine. Locride, Italy exclusive wine.


Greco di Bianco wine.

Greco di Bianco (white greek wine) is certainly the most interesting wine produced in Calabria and southern Italy. A copper-hued dessert wine made from partially dried grapes. The wine is produced as a passito-style wine, meaning that the grapes are partially dried before they are pressed and fermented. This process concentrates the natural sugars, and increases the potential alcohol level of the must to 18% or more.
The Greco di Bianco viticultural area covers the hills above the coastal town of Bianco, a popular tourist resort on Calabria’s Ionian coast.The grapes grown here are of the Greco Bianco variety not common in other areas of southern Italy and Greece. This can lead to some confusion between the town’s name, the grape’s name and the DOC name. Bianco is the town, Greco Bianco is the grape variety, Greco di Bianco is the wine.
The Greco Bianco vine was introduced to Calabria in the 7th century BC by colonists from Greece (whence the name).
Greco di Bianco was created as a DOC title in 1980, and is one of very few Calabrian DOC to specialize in white wines. Its claim to fame is that it denotes one of Italy’s most outstanding and rare dessert wines.
The Greco di Bianco wine’s amber color comes from the high levels of phenolic development in the over-ripe grapes. Luscious, rich and velvety in texture, it exhibits an aromatic bouquet reminiscent of orange flowers, citrus fruit and underlying herbal notes that become more accentuated with age.

Greco di Bianco wine, the only wine specialty in the world.

Enveloping softness, followed by a persistent and pleasant sensation of dried figs. Traditional pairing with pastry and dried fruit, intriguing the combination with medium-aged cheeses with granular dough.

Very rare wine, it is produced in an area of 5 square kilometers.
The bottles of 500 ml are sold

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